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Organization provides peace of mind and minimizes pain in times of transition.


Our experience has shown that almost everyone intends to get organized, but very few actually find the time to do so. We help our clients gather, store, and share information with important people in their lives so that everyone is prepared for unexpected events or emergencies.  The type of information we help you organize includes:

Home & Personal

Estate & Legal

Medical & Health

  • Lawyers

  • Wills

  • Trusts

  • Powers of Attorney

  • Doctors

  • Health Insurance

  • Medicines

  • Cars

  • Pets

  • Passwords

  • Bills

  • Homes / Real Estate




  • Funeral Preferences

  • Messages to Family & Friends

  • Care Providers

  • Extended Care Insurance

  • Advisors

  • Accounts

  • Retirement Assets

  • Insurance

Alpha Omega Investment Advisor does not provide accounting, legal or insurance advice, but can make suggestions to review with your expert advisors or refer you to a specialist that does not compensate us for the referral.

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