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Donor Engagement

Donor cultivation is among the top priorities of most non-profits. We can help.

Individual Donor Meetings

Group Discussion Topics

  • Giving Strategies - what are the different ways to give and what are the advantages of each

  • Stewardship - what does stewardship really mean?

  • Investing 101 - What are stocks, bonds, ETFs and mutual funds?  What is active vs. Passive?

  • Psychology of Investing - In what ways are we hard-wired to be bad investors and how do we prevent ourselves from falling victim to them?

  • Review gifting strategies

  • Describe how the assets of your institution are invested and explain why it is a prudent approach to managing assets

  • Advocate for your cause through promotion of your mission and vision

Alpha Omega Investment Advisor does not provide accounting, legal or insurance advice, but can make suggestions to review with your expert advisors or refer you to a specialist that does not compensate us for the referral.

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