Alpha Omega Welcomes Clay Hilbert to the Team!

Alpha Omega is pleased to announce that Clay Hilbert has joined our team as our new Chief Strategy Officer. In this role, Clay will use his extensive knowledge of the financial services industry to work with our clients and outside partners to map the strategic direction of our firm. He will also strengthen Alpha Omega’s commitment to service and community through his personal volunteer and service work. Until you have the opportunity to meet Clay in person, allow us to introduce him to you here.

Clay worked for Davenport and Company, a prestigious Richmond-based brokerage firm, where for 21 years he rose through the ranks to serve on the Board of Directors and held the following roles along the way: Head of Investment Management Services, Head of FundAdvisor & Manager Research, Davenport Asset Management Sales & Marketing Manager, and most recently, Senior Vice President and Head of Business Development. In this role, he helped expand the firm’s services and worked with advisors throughout the firm’s footprint on strategy, client service, and education (specializing in seminars on the Psychology of Investing and Investing Straight Talk).

Clay graduated from Wake Forest University with a degree in Psychology in 1996.  He earned his MBA from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business in 2003. For balance, his wife is a die-hard Tar Heel.  She has successfully brainwashed his children with endless paraphernalia and several national championships.

Clay and his wife Stewart have four children (a 15-year old son and 11-year old triplets, two boys and a girl). He is enjoying his final years of coaching basketball, baseball, and lacrosse and embarking on the occasional hike with his Boy Scout. He is passionate about his volunteer and Board work with St. Andrew’s School, the Richmond Community ToolBank, and St. Christopher’s School. He loves his church, Grace & Holy Trinity, and has enjoyed his public speaking and volunteer work with Junior Achievement.

We feel very fortunate to have Clay join the team. While we still feel Art’s absence, we take comfort in the fact that he knew Clay and are confident that he would welcome Clay’s skills, outlook and character. Please feel free to reach out to Clay to welcome him. You can reach him by phone at 804-955-1602, or email: We intend to bring him around to meet you over the months to come.

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